Launch of #Singchat

Have you ever had one of those holiday breaks which weren't particularly productive, but you could tell something was happening? You were on the verge of creating, building, growing? That was my experience towards the end of 2016. We recently bought a new house and are working on re-painting the entire interior. I don't use painters tape, but instead prefer to do all of the edging by hand. It is relaxing to me to quietly focus on a task and let my mind wander. Wander it did. 

Almost a year ago, I joined Twitter and found #Musochat. Through this Twitter chat, I connect with other people in the new music community; people who want to write, perform, and promote work from living composers. But personally, it is such a warm and kindhearted group. I enjoy participating as often as I can, but found myself wanting a similar community for singers. I had the idea over the summer to start a Twitter chat but put it on the back burner. It re-emerged while painting and I found myself laying plans to launch. 


This is a labor of love and I can't wait to share it with you! #Singchat will be going live on January 30th at 9pm est. My aim is to create a place for singers of all stages to discuss relevant topics, share experiences, and support each other on this difficult career path. Our first topic is "Goal Setting in 2017: defining our big goal and the micro actions needed to achieve it." I want all of us, divas and divos alike, to conduct ourselves with purpose as we conquer the new year. I hope you will join in on January 30th and I am excited to take part in this community with you!